Music at Hendersons

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Henderson's Restaurant Presents

Monday: Ron plays Laid-back Piano

Tuesday: Steve Tyler plays Classical Guitar

Wednesday:Wednesday: Lachlan's Sounds of Jazz or Fraser Urquhart

Thursday: Desafinado with Jazz and Bossa Nova or Ged and Doug's Jazz Duo.

Friday: Graham High and Ian Carlton play Hot Club or Lachlan's Sounds of Jazz.

All in the Wine Bar, 7pm - 9.30pm, Free.

Some of our musicians...

Steve Tyler

Guitarist Steve Tyler has been entertaining us here at Henderson's since 2007. Steve is a master of many different musical styles, including classical, Celtic, flamenco and easy listening - although if you were to put a gun to his head he'd choose Celtic every time. For the technically minded amongst you, he alternates between nylon strung and steel strung guitars, with a number of tunings to change the mood and feel. In the second half of his set Steve adds backing tracks to his performance which is often in a Bossa Nova style.



Desafinado take their name from 'Tom' Jobim's Brazilian jazz standard, made famous in the anglophone world by saxophonist Stan Getz. It translates as 'off key' or 'slightly out of tune', an accusation that could never be levelled at this talented guitar duo.

Nick Gent has a style that is both lyrical and melodic, and is ideally suited to the intimate setting of the jazz duo. He has been heavily influenced by West Coast 'Cool Jazz', a style that itself draws upon both Bossa Nova and European Classical music.

His musical partner Marcus Ford is widely acknowledged as one of the country's leading fingerstyle performers on the nylon strung classical guitar. During his career Marcus has recorded and performed with many top artistes, such as Jim Mullen and Martin Taylor. Marcus is noted for his intimate and cool yet luxurious playing.

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Doug and Ged

Doug and Jed

Ged Brockie is one of Scotland's finest jazz guitarists and has gained an international reputation over the course of a career that has seen him play both across Europe and in the United States. A musician and composer with the hugely popular Scottish Guitar Quartet, Ged has also released several critically acclaimed solo albums. His unique and powerful compositional voice has been much in demand for a wide range of artistic projects, including a Scottish Government commission for music for a film about the country's new Parliament.

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Dougie Urquhart has been a stalwart of the Edinburgh jazz scene for longer than he would care to remember, and indeed first played here at Henderson's almost 30 years ago. With influences as diverse as Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, Art Pepper, Bill Evans, George Benson and Pat Metheny, Dougie is equally at home playing jazz standards as he is tackling a more contemporary repertoire. Dougie and Ged are long time musical collaborators, though over the years both have also played in many other groups.

Fraser Urquhart

Fraser Urquhart is a gifted young pianist who represents Henderson's commitment to the future, still being in his last year at school! Primarily a jazz pianist who delights audiences with his sensitive and imaginative interpretations of classic standards, Fraser cites as his major influences Bill Evans and Duke Ellington, while also greatly admiring the work of the composers Ravel and Scriabin.

In addition to his solo sets Fraser regularly sits in with other musicians at Henderson's. Ambitious to continue his musical career, Fraser thoroughly enjoys his gigs here at Henderson's, which he sees as the perfect venue to launch young musicians.

Graham High

Painter, cartoonist, musician whose main musical influences range from Django Reinhardt to John McLaughlin. Currently plays at Henderson's invarious duo formats including Hot Club guitar and piano duos, with the best of Edinburgh's jazz musicians. Has been a regular at Henderson's for several years and has built up a stong local following. "The beauty of HotClub music is that it is accessible and appeals to all ages."

Favourite food - all great but particularly love the puddings!



Lissa-Kathe is an accomplished musician and composer, a 7x UK Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist 2010, for her beautifully crafted Classical/Folk songs and piano instrumentals.

Most Tuesdays and Fridays at Hendersons and/or St Johns at lunch time Lissa-Kathe plays lovely melodic tunes on the piano, most being her own compositions and sometimes even sharing with us the sounds of her Opa's 80 year old Button Accordion.

"I love the atmosphere of Henderson's. It is always a pleasure to share my music here, and a very vibrant and inspiring place for creativity - some of my pieces are even conceived here."

Her EP 'Reach You' is coming out soon.

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Ron Carruthers

Ron was born in a nursing home in Glengyle Terrace in February 1928 into a very musical family.His grandmother played piano in a West End silent cinema which later became the celebrated West End Cafe. He began piano studies at the age of seven. He was educated at Leith Academy and Boroughmuir school and when sixteen commenced a marine engineer apprenticeship at Brown Brothers Edinburgh. Ron told us he helped install the famous wave machine at Portobello outdoor swimming pool which was closed in 1985.

Ron was asked to form a band in Broughton Street Youth Club where he played for a number of years. During this period he undertook a course in musical harmony at Heriot Watt University.

Over the years Ron has have played in most of Edinburgh's hotels and restaurants. He also did radio broadcasts with Maurice Little and was musical director of George Street's Adam Rooms for many years.. I was leader of the house band at Edinburgh's Modern Jazz Club which led to a deep interest in jazz, which remains to this day.

Ron has also been playing in Henderson's for the last twenty years, which still stimulates musical abilities.

Lachlan MacColl

For many years as part of its unique atmosphere, Henderson's has had an enlightened policy of promoting creative music. As one of the regular contributors jazz guitarist Lachlan MacColl has a broad experience of playing jazz in the UK and abroad. Over the years he has invited many different musicians to collaborate with him in Henderson's Restaurant. Dave Newton for example played with Lachlan in the 80s and is now one of the UK's leading jazz pianists.

Playing jazz has taken Lachlan to the USA and from Shetland to the South Bank. He can work through a wide range of styles including Swing, Latin and Be Bop. He has written music for the BBC and is constantly working to develop new sounds and collaborations. Lachlan is known in Edinburgh as the 'Jazz musician's jazz guitarist' but as he is so self-effacing he would argue with this title.