An ancient Estonian proverb urges that we 'respect bread for it is older than we are' and breadmaking has indeed been known for around 8,000 years. Bread's cultural significance is immense and universal: it remains a traditional welcoming gift throughout Eastern Europe, while in Scotland horror at the Glencoe Massacre was especially acute because Campbells and Macdonalds had 'broken bread' together. Bakers were the only free tradesmen of ancient Rome, and were banned from associating with comedians in order to protect their morals!

When Janet Henderson first opened her restaurant, however, most bread in this country was flaccid, tasteless, mass-produced and so 'refined' that its nutritional value was scarcely greater than the plastic it was wrapped in - and so the Henderson's Artisan Bakery was born.

Today our highly skilled craftspeople handbake a delicious range of rye, spelt and sourdough breads to complement their traditional, organic loaves, rolls and oatcakes. In addition they offer an array of cakes, pastries and savouries, with many vegan and wheat-free options.

Henderson's Bakery products are available from outlets throughout Edinburgh, including Real Foods and Margiotta's, as well as from the Henderson's Shop and farmers' markets nationwide.